Max Container Options is the Containerization company founded by Pete Swartz.  Growing up on a farm in Licking County, OH, Pete learned to weld as a child, became a better fabricator and welder in the vocational training programs at the local high school, became an even better welder/fabricator in the United States Army (Pete is now an honorably discharged disabled Veteran), became an even better welder/fabricator working in the shipyards of Norfolk Virginia, along with several boiler makers and tool & die shops before eventually making his way over to China.

It was during his 7 years in China that Containerization became Pete’s obsession.  After all, when 90% of the world’s shipping containers are built in China, it’s easy to see their extreme advantages and versatility. After building a successful survival gear business and hanging out with the impossible to access factory-owner crowd, Pete spent years researching and developing container projects, including the most advanced Bunker Homes on the planet.  Complete with air-to-water systems and biometrically controlled, blast-resistant vault doors, virtually any potential scenario was thoughtfully considered and accounted for.


Because intellectual property is not valued in China like it is here in America, Pete was tired of his creative genius being hijacked and stolen, and he decided to return to Ohio.  Containerization wasn’t Pete’s only mission, however.  Building homes, hydroponic farms, and swimming pools out of containers is almost the by-product of the primary mission -- which is teaching Skilled Trades to restored citizens, struggling veterans, and anyone else who has some drive – but needs someone to take a chance on them. 

With this goal in mind, Pete started Link-A-Staff, which is the staffing agency that is catered towards the re-entry and struggling veteran population.  Pete knew that whatever somebody wants can be theirs – if they are willing to make good decisions and work for it.  All of Pete’s businesses utilizes Link-A-Staff as their staffing agency.  This means that when you purchase a Max Container Options product, you are supporting people who are learning skilled trades and making the good decisions required to create a better life for themselves.